What are the dice made out of ?

Dice will be made mainly of resin, with some containing inclusions such as mylar sheets, glitter, plants, etc.

where do they ship from ?

We’re based in and ship our dice from Nevada, USA.

why are they so expensive ?

Because they take a lot of time, money, and effort to make! When you buy handmade dice, you are not only buying a gaming accessory, but a piece of art. Many hours of work go in to making these dice, and they are handmade and home made at every step of the process. I design my own fonts, 3d model and print my own masters, make my own molds and lovingly create and finish each set with my own hands. Handmade products are considered (and priced as) luxury products due to the time and effort that goes into their creation.

do you take commisions ?

My commissions are currently closed, but you can stay updated on when they open up by following my instagram! @gh0start.loot

Are they balanced though ?

The short answer is yes, these dice are at least as balanced as any mass produced dice, and are balanced enough for casual gameplay. (Yes, even the liquid cores!)

As for the long answer, first consider what you are actually asking. When you wonder if dice are balanced, most likely your concern is whether they roll fairly/randomly. Balance is actually only one small factor that plays a part in the randomness of the roll! Other factors that affect the randomness of the result are the shape of the dice, the layout of the numbers, the method of rolling, the surface the dice are rolled on, and any obstacles they may hit along the way. I have taken these factors into account when creating my dice, and they are designed to give you a random result with every roll. 

If balance is truly your main concern over randomness, rest assured that I do not put anything in my dice that would skew the weight of the dice in any significant way.

when is your next restock ?

I add new dice to my store on the first Friday of every month, at 3pm Pacific time.

will you ever ship to -insert country-?

At the moment I am unable to offer shipping outside of North America. If that changes it the future, I will make an announcement on my instagram.


Due to the nature of handmade products, dice are subject to minor imperfections such as sanding flaws, mold marks, trimming marks, microbubbles, or scratches. Minor flaws may or may not be visible in product listing. Dice with major flaws will be discounted with flaws noted in product listing. Be aware that in an effort to keep my dice affordable, I spend on average less time sanding than makers with higher prices, so visible mold marks and trimming marks are common. These will not affect the playability of the dice.