What are the dice made out of ?

Dice will be made mainly of resin, with some containing inclusions such as mylar sheets, glitter, plants, etc.

where do they ship from ?

We’re based in and ship our dice from Nevada, USA.

why are they so expensive ?

Because they take a lot of money and effort to make! These dice are fully custom, which means font licenses must be procured, 3d models must be sculpted and printed, master dice have to be fully sanded and polished so molds can be made, molds are hand-made with silicone, and that’s before a single set of dice can be made. All of these things cost either a lot of money or a lot of time (or both!) and require expensive equipment and materials. 

tl;dr, Handmade goods are considered luxury products and the prices will reflect that.

Are they balanced though ?

Yes, these dice are balanced enough for casual gameplay. In fact, handmade dice tend to be more balanced than mass produced dice, due to the level of care and attention an individual clacksmith is able give to each set.

do you take commissions ?

My commissions are currently closed, but you can stay updated on when they open up by following my instagram! @gh0start.loot

what are raw vs finished dice ?

Raw dice are dice that have been taken directly out of the mold and have not been sanded, polished, or inked. 

Finished dice have been hand processed to perfection including sanding, polishing, and inking numbers.


Due to the nature of handmade products, dice are subject to minor imperfections such as sanding flaws, mold marks, microbubbles, or scratches. Minor flaws may or may not be visible in product listing. Dice with major flaws will be discounted with flaws noted in product listing.