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Looking to add a bit of mystery to your life? Try a Gh0start Loot Box! I'll pull a random set of dice for you, and roll the d20 from the set. If it rolls a natural 20, you win a free prize!
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Hi! I’m Allison, and I’m the creator behind Gh0start.loot! All the dice you find here are made by me from start to finish. This includes designing my own fonts, modeling and printing my own masters, making my own molds and of course pouring and finishing the dice! I put my whole heart into everything I create, and every product is a labor of love.

I’ve known I wanted to make my own dice for many years, but that dream finally became a reality in 2022. The beginning was difficult, with so much trial and error, and SO many failures. But every failure has been a learning experience, and I am so proud of how far I have come. I’m absolutely floored that I have managed to turn my passion into my full time job. 

My heart is so full of gratitude towards the many people who have made this possible. Thank you all so much for helping me live my dream!

Want to give some support but don’t need any dice right now? Tips are never required, but always appreciated!